Monstrous Non-sequitur

The Adventure Begins Again

Time has passed on the harsh shores of Changeling San Francisco but the rag-tag group still stands. After braving crazed mannequins, zombies, underwater science labs and even the hedge itself they stand on in the face of danger. Yukon, Noice, Claire/Valeria, Lance, Anna, Seven and Felix are testament to the hardiness of the human soul, even if they may retain little similarities between their previous form and their current. In order to strengthen this bond further they’ve all come together (with the exception of Felix) to form a Motley: The Second-Hand _________, with the blank being what they feel appropriate at the time. Too many suffer the same way they have so they’ve banded together to save others caught in the hedge.

Felix has taken another path. With the knowledge of Business and his shady dealings, Felix is going undercover in his syndicate to discover just what is going on.

The climate has taken a turn for the calm finally in San Fran after the disappearance of Jack of Spades along with the Cinder Sisters. No one is sure where they went but the Changelings of San Fran can certainly feel relieved that their days on the coast will be a little more safe with them gone. Some still hold their guard for they feel that they’ll be back just as quickly as they left. But Lance felt something else on the horizon. His vision of the Deep Blue Eye was a very foreboding warning that something is watching and that danger might be very close.

The political landscape has gone through it’s usual flux. Seasons changed and with it came new leaders. Briar Heart, The Summer King, ran a fierce and empowering summer that burned brightly, instilling strength in the hearts of the Changelings to combat the events of Spring. Many say his power kept a lot of fear in check. The Summer trials and competitions were quite a bit of fun, too. Eventually the trees began to die and Briar Heart passed his crown to The Autumn Queen, White Witch Muninn. She was a stranger sort but it was to be expected from an Autumn mistress. Many wait now for her to announce The Hunt of Leaves.

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